Review Policy

First of all thank you for supporting this blog.
I thank you for your interest in my work, highlight your creations.
I am Anita Armendariz and I have been in Second life since 2010.
I love photography and fantasy styles and some fashion too; that's why I decided to create this blog.
My photos are everything I show and that's why I dedicate a lot of wonderful time to each one of them. 
That's why I have a few rules of my own.

 ❣  I can not blog every day. I blog twice a week or three times, if I have an event.
 ❣  I do not add brands or event logos to my photos.
❣  My sponsors always have priority.
 ❣  Please understand that I only post articles that fit the style of my blog.
If you want to contact me just send a note in-world. 

Thank you very much.

Avatar Name in Second life: Anita Armendariz
Facebook: Anita Armendariz