May 18, 2016

The right path

Body: *COCO*_FashionDoll_Body_Peach
Head: *COCO*_FashionDoll_Head_Amanda_Peach
Hairband: *Cila* Soo Bunny Hairband Pink @ The kawaii project NEW!
Dress: *Cila* Soo Dress @ The kawaii project NEW!

Wardrobe: Pewpew! Wardrobe Hideout - Gray @ Love To Decorate NEW!
Drawing Papers: Pewpew! Drawing Papers - Ship @ Love To Decorate NEW!
Tree: JIAN :: Wise Owl's Tree

Dogs: {anc} flottante puppy. cream . walk / withCollar
          {anc} flottante puppy. cream . jump / withCollar

The Kawaii project: May 15th to June 10th - LM - Flickr
Love to Decorate: May 12th to 26th - LM - Flickr